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Best Financial Websites

We live in a world where anybody with a computer can put up a website within hours. The best financial websites require rather more effort. And, as with anything, the rewards are commensurate with the work involved.

Whatever your goals, you will find that the best financial websites tend to share common characteristics besides high traffic. These sites tend to be updated frequently with fresh material. Only by uploading new content can a site persuade people that it’s worth coming back again and again.

The best financial websites will often host independent material from experts that offers an impartial view of products. Creating a forum for clients to leave reviews can be effective too. By running third-party articles and reviews, sites provide an incentive to visitors to bookmark them.

Tying web content into current affairs can be effective in placing your virtual shop window among the best financial websites. In late October 2013 the UK was preparing for what was tipped to be its worst storm in years. If you knew this was tipped to happen, it might be worth considering the creation of a web article on what this might mean for shares in UK insurers, who paid out millions following the October 1987 storm?

Keeping content fresh and relevant in this way is generally reckoned essential if you want to rank among the best financial websites. It explains why almost all good sites add news items and diary posts on a daily basis, linking the uploads to news stories such as the flotation of Royal Mail, the outlook for rate rises and the sale of shares in microblogging site Twitter.

You may also want to include what is known as “standing” text, which is less time-sensitive and remains on your site for some time. They items may show the tricks and tips of investing in shares and funds in a general way. Or they might include material on particular investment topics, such as handling the volatility of investing in small and mid-cap firms or how to go about gaining exposure to fast-growing emerging markets.

Some firms find it beneficial to commission “white papers” on current issues of relevance to their clients, such as the hunt for income, the best type of equity index to use, low volatility investing and other subjects. You don’t need to set up in competition against the Financial Times. But running lively content on your site can push you up search engine rankings and encourage visitors to view you as one of the best financial websites around.

The best financial websites tend to be informative yet entertaining. Finance doesn’t need to be dull. The events of the last decade, such as the 2000 tech bubble, collapse of Lehman and the global economic crisis of the last few years have made finance more mainstream in the media as it gains more relevance to daily lives.

As the crisis makes it impossible to receive the interest rates of previous years, people are being forced to take more of an interest (pardon pun) in how they can make their savings work. The best financial websites take account of changing needs.

One impact of the tide of information washing around the web is that people are increasingly aware of what they can expect from their money and the steps needed to actualise those goals. The best financial websites address those needs by providing solutions for consumers to generate income from their assets, doing so within a framework of risk management.

Public disenchantment with banks has been running at all-time highs since the UK government, like many others around the world, was forced to bail out the country’s banks in 2008 to the tune of millions. Using tax-payers’ money. The best financial websites understand that they need to work hard to rebuild damaged trust in their operations. By engaging with visitors in an open way, sites persuade people that it’s safe to do business with their owners.

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