Financial Copywriting

Eye glasses on newspaper showing stock exchange numbers

30 Nov Financial Newsletters: 4 Ways to Increase Client Engagement (3 mins)

Financial newsletters are a valuable tool for IFAs and wealth managers across the UK. Not only do they serve as a regular means of communication between you and your clients (keeping you in their minds), financial newsletters also allow your prospects and clients to keep informed...

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Browsing social media on smartphone. Close-up

05 Nov LinkedIn For IFAs: 6 Ways to Impress Through Financial Copywriting (3 mins)

If you're one of those IFAs not active on social media, then bluntly, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Social media activity signals that you're moving with the times, and not stuck in a bygone era; unable to connect with ordinary people. It also provides a valuable means...

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Business people discussion at meeting room

28 Sep How To Create An IFA Blog That Actually Gets Read: 3 Quick Tips (2 mins)

A blog isn't just for trendy, freelancer types like web and graphic designers. It is actually one of the most potent inbound marketing tools available to modern businesses, including financial companies and IFAs. Not only does a blog promote user engagement, enhance your brand (by showing thought leadership), and...

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