Financial Newsletter Template

Sending out a regular newsletter can boost sales, promote your brand and benefit your bottom line. But some firms may balk at producing a regular bulletin themselves, concerned about the design skills involved. If so, that no longer needs to be the case, thanks to our financial newsletter template.
Our template allows users to display all the items comprising a newsletter in a readable, professional lay-out.
It becomes easy for anyone with even minimal IT skills to drop completed text and images into the lay-out, without the need for any further formatting. All that remains to be done is a light proof edit and sending out the document as a PDF using Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird.

You can re-use the template over and over, keeping the same lay-out from one month to the next. The only element to change is the content. Our financial newsletter template gives you space for all the “page furniture” you might need, such as title, month, contents and page numbers. Space for news items and features is included too, of course. It’s up to you how you use the space.

Some firms find it helpful to update clients with a mixture of wider industry and business news. Others use the financial newsletter template to let customers know about staff hires and promotions at their business. Newsletters can be a good way to inform interested parties of new products. Competitions tend to work well in monthly mail-outs, as do discount promotions.

A financial newsletter template means you can communicate with clients about special offers and deadlines. It might be the perfect way to let customers know about any discounts you have on ISAs ahead of the April deadline.
Instead of starting at a blank screen, a financial newsletter template gets you started. You know how much needs written for each story, thanks to word counts provided. You can see how long each headline needs to be.
A financial newsletter template gives your publication a professional look. Firms used to use specialist editorial staff to produce newsletters. Our templates save that expense by simplifying the process. They remove the need to hire extra staff or outsource the project. You can keep everything in-house, with minimal training needed to bring staff up to speed.

Our financial newsletter template can be tailored to suit every project, big or small. We can adjust the template depending on the number of pages and complexity required. Maybe you’d like a newsletter that is image-heavy and contains little text. Not a problem. We can provide the template that will best suit your needs.
Our templates are suitable for printing and PDFs, so you can produce hard copies or rely on email. By using a financial newsletter template, you’ll find mailing out your update an inexpensive way of boosting your brand.
Newsletters encourage customer bonding. By including a discount code, you include a call to action. The publication acts as a form of advertising, but without the expense associated with traditional print media.
Our financial newsletter template means that you do not need to spend hours drawing up text and picture boxes. We provide lay-outs that take care of everything expect the text and images. It’s simple to pull the content into the templates. You end up with a clear, effective piece of communication you can be confident in sending out to your database.