Investment Web Design

There’s little point in creating a website, however well-designed, unless it’s visible to the public through search engine optimisation. We start all investment web design by agreeing the keywords you want to promote on your site. It’s crucial to ensure that when anybody searches for ‘investment advice’ or whatever service you are selling, your website comes high in the results.

We put agreed keywords into the website text and include the ‘hidden’ information in the behind-the-scenes HTML tags necessary for investment web design. These tags include a description and title for material on the visible web pages. Tags are important factors in boosting a search engine ranking.

We can advise on and implement the use of Ad Words, where people pay for a site to be featured in on-line adverts. Advertising of this kind is well worth doing within investment web design, but has to target the right keywords and search phrases.

Our experience can be indispensable in getting value for money from this spending on investment web design. For example, if someone targets only a popular phrase such as “investment advice”, it could be making life needlessly difficult. The phrase is so popular that when it comes to advertising, the costs can become expensive. We help you think around the issues involved.

As part of our investment web design, we make it our business to understand where and how Google charges more for ads where many websites are competing to offer the same keywords. We can advise on how to be as targeted and niche in search engine optimisation as possible.

We create investment web design that will encourage visitors to browse and maximise the click-throughs on the site. Good investment web design is about creating sites that are “sticky”.

We include analytics as part of our investment web design so you can see what is happening on your pages. These tools monitor metrics such as how many people go away after looking at one page, average number of page views per visit, numbers of unique visitors and numbers of returning visitors.

Our investment web design typically includes sign-up pages where visitors leave their details in return for more information. We ensure that you can measure conversions, meaning the number of people who go ahead and fill out the sign-up page.

Landing pages are another plank in our investment web design. These are stand-alone pages that normally accompany a particular marketing campaign. When someone clicks through from banner or pay-per-click advertising, they go to a landing page giving them relevant information.

Critical to investment web design is good graphic design. Lay-outs help to convey your message through a mixture of navigation, colours, text and images. We work with you at every stage of investment web design, taking you from simple wire frames, when you are working out the structure of the site, all the way to a site that’s ready for production.

Some companies may wish to take advantage of our ability to host and maintain sites. We offer reliable and cost-effective hosting packages. All our hosting packages offer 24/7 support and monitoring. A member of hosting support staff is at the end of a phone line to answer queries or resolve difficulties, day or night.