Cavendish Medical

Cavendish Medical, a solid company that had been successfully running for a number of years, but who didn’t feel their branding efficiently communicated that fact to their potential new customers, approached us to create a new brand that would be more effective.

Following extensive research on the history of the company name and the area of their work, we discovered a fascinating link in the heritage of the name. The name Cavendish Medical is brought into direct union through Lady Cavendish who married Lord Edward Harley, responsible for building the prestigious and respected Harley Street.

We played on the historic heritage of that union by taking elements of the family crest, which featured a stag, and turned that into the new device for the branding. In order to offset the heritage feel, we introduced a very contemporary font for the company name, to ensure the overall branding communicated a company firmly routed in its heritage yet up to date and contemporary in the way it deals with its customers.

Our services for Cavendish Medical included the rebrand of the company, the development of a new website, signage and other printing marketing collateral. We came up with innovative solutions such as developing an art review section on their website, where clients could send in their own personal reviews of shows they had seen in London, or talk about charitable work they have undertaken abroad and so on. This gives a personal touch and a feeling of community, which encourages brand loyalty amongst their clients.

One of the challenges in working with financial services companies is making sure they have a clear space in the already very crowded marketplace. Finding unique imagery and messaging can be really challenging, especially when there are so many clichés. Therefore finding the heritage behind the company name was intrinsic in giving an authenticity to the branding.

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