Shoremount helps organisations to generate wealth and steward prosperity in a fashion that is both sustainable and purposeful whilst meeting shareholder and stakeholder requirements to the mutual benefit of both.

We worked closely with Shoremount to create a stunning new brand, logo, video and content rich website featuring relevant news and blogs.

It’s easy to come up with an aesthetically pleasing font and logo and then to send the client on their way to battle out their marketing messages on their own. We like to be involved every step of the way to help craft that message for them in a way that makes them stand out in the marketplace.

Following the initial meeting with the founder of Shoremount, John Featherby, we found that we were confronted with somebody whose services offer a very unique and compelling way of thinking and a much more holistic approach than is traditional in this arena. It was this unique and fascinating way of thinking that sparked our imagination and got us thinking about how best we could encapsulate his ethos and present those visually to clients and potential clients.

There has been much talk around challenging the concept of the ‘bottom line’ over the past few years. In fact many industry professionals now talk about the existence of two, three or even four bottom lines – financial, environmental, ethical and social. It is this idea that gives structure to a different way of seeing business analysis.

In our research we were looking for an analogy that carried this ‘multiple bottom line’ approach even further. We discovered the concept of a ‘through line’, which was first suggested by Constantin Stanislavski as a simplified way for actors to think about characterisation in theatre productions.

It’s a powerful idea which suggests in theatre terms that actors should not only understand their characters objectives ‘in the moment’ but that they should also strive to understand the through line that links these objectives together and use this as the driving force which pushes the character forward through the narrative.

We helped John develop the concept and visual presentation of the through line in business terms, focusing on the need to look at a business as a whole and look at the through line or the long term goal of your company – not just reacting to each situation as it occurs.

Helping to represent this idea clearly, we developed the line animation film, which featured business ideas all looped under one line – the through line, offering a very visual representation of the concept.

“After a thorough procurement process I settled on CreativeAdviser and was ultimately delighted with the choice. Their almost uncanny ability to understand my need and intentions was met with a quick and attentive delivery process. Importantly, they were also a pleasure to work with. I happily recommend them.” – John Featherby, CEO

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