We created the logo and branding, stationery, a promotional video and a minimal and stylish website to promote the very specific and innovative work of Worthstone, who help to bring social impact investment to maturity among Independent Financial Advisers.

After coming up with the company name, we had the challenge of creating a solid and dependable platform on which to communicate new and innovative products. We came up with the brand concept of a beautiful stone background, representing solidity and reliability, where we could then introduce innovation and more contemporary imagery over the top.

There are no independent platforms like this on the market as yet and Worthstone are pioneering in the area of social investment so it was challenging to build a powerful new platform from the ground up that could be used as an investment platform for these products, where objective information could be made available to Independent Financial Advisers.

Throughout the life of this project we worked closely with the development team from the word go and we look forward continuing the adventure with this pioneering company for years to come.

“The Worthstone brand and website, in a growing number of instances, are the first points of contact with potential business partners. CreativeAdviser consistently deliver at this important interface, in my opinion that’s because they have approached this as a relationship not a transaction.” – Gavin Francis, Director

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