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A strong brand is key to building trust and loyalty, as well as lowering your marketing outlay. CreativeAdviser can help develop the strategic, consistent branding which enhances client loyalty, streamlines your verbal and visual communications, and adds brand equity to your IFA firm.

Our design team also combine time-honoured artistic principles with innovate graphic software to produce a logo which powerfully reflects your vision, values and business identity.

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Financial Firm Logos

Financial firm logos may be made up of just a few letters, but they can speak volumes. Literally. The choice of font, size and colour communicates more than a business name. It suggests the values, mission and nature of your organisation. Logos should convey this is a firm where clients feel safe investing their money.

Among the most successful financial firm logos in current use is that of fund platform Fidelity. The firm uses simple ‘sans serif’ lettering in a colour (blue) known to promote trust. This type of font dispenses with the small projecting features known as ‘serifs’ at the end of strokes. The font works well on computer screens, where fine details such as ‘serifs’ can disappear or become too large.

But even more importantly than the choice of font, the Fidelity logo uses two strokes through the “F” in its name, so that the “F” looks more like a currency symbol, such as the £ or €. As financial firm logos go, this is a clever technique for implanting the nature of the firm’s business in the minds of potential customers. The logo reinforces the firm’s expertise in financial markets.

Another example of successful financial firm logos is the UK’s Prudential. An image depicting the figure of Lady Prudence (who gave her name to the company) has formed part of the firm’s branding since it started business back in 1848. The figure provides a strong visual association with wise conduct and always appears with an arrow (sign of a skilled marksman), a snake (representing wisdom) and a mirror (the ability to see oneself honestly). At June the firm had £427bn in assets it was investing for clients.

Multinational financial services firm Citi is fortunate in owning one of the best-known financial firm logos of all time. It acquired its famous umbrella logo when it merged in a $140bn deal with Travelers Group in 1998. Since then the umbrella has morphed into a red arch spanning across the letters spelling Citi. The symbol spells out financial protection, the importance of saving for a rainy day. It’s a powerful way of encouraging customers to feel safe in handing over their money to Citi.

Private bank Coutts is one of a shrinking group of firms that still uses an elaborate ‘serif’ font for its logo, underlining its aristocratic connections. The bank uses three crowns next to the lettering spelling out its name to reinforce its pedigree.

The deliberate use of such an old-fashioned font, which harks back to other eras, not only suggests but reinforces that the bank is blue-blooded and distinguished. Those six letters of the bank’s name spelt out in swirly writing signal much more than any amount of expensive advertising could ever do. A mere glance at the logo suggests the exclusive, inherited connections enjoyed by the firm.

Investment giant BlackRock does not use any images in its logo, but the solidity of the lettering chimes with the name to promote the firm as place of safety. The branding is a reminder of how the success of financial firm logos can lie in subtle details. BlackRock has chosen to capitalise the “R” in its name to emphasise that this firm is built on solid foundations. So far, the logo has proved a success. The firm had $3.8trillion in assets at the end of last year, making it a global leader in its industry.

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