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A strong brand is key to building trust and loyalty, as well as lowering your marketing outlay. CreativeAdviser can help develop the strategic, consistent branding which enhances client loyalty, streamlines your verbal and visual communications, and adds brand equity to your IFA firm.

Our design team also combine time-honoured artistic principles with innovate graphic software to produce a logo which powerfully reflects your vision, values and business identity.

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Clever Adviser financial logo
Magna Carta logo by CreativeAdviser, creators of financial logo
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Enhancing Your Brand Loyalty And Recognition

Our financial logos serve to visibly-distinguish you from your competitors, and to create an ideal impression that lingers in the minds of your prospects & clients.

We know that a great logo is more than just great art. That’s why the diversity of our design team points towards a united commercial goal: creating a logo which is tailored to your needs, aligned with your goals, and settled to your satisfaction.

Building Your Brand

No creative stone is left uncovered during our design process. At the outset, we thoroughly research the graphical, conceptual and artistic landscape; giving us the focus we need to offer you a range of visual options for building your brand.

Our team members are highly diverse in their artistic methods and backgrounds. This mixture ensures that your logo endures intense refinement to exhibit originality and aesthetic appeal.

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Attract Clients to Your Firm

Your logo needs your fingerprints on it as well as ours. That’s why we involve you in every step of the design process. Each stage of your project is clearly-defined and agreed with you ahead of time.

Our logo packages are flexible to your timescales and needs; offered in both web and print ready formats. The final outcome is a stunning and recognisable corporate brand which powerfully and memorably communicates the message, values and DNA of your financial firm.

Over 25 Years Design Experience

CreativeAdviser has a proven track record of creating stunning financial logos and brands, working with a spectrum of different financial advisers, financial planners and IFAs across the UK for over 25 years.

Every logo and brand design we create is handcrafted by our in-house design team, ensuring you get the best possible results at affordable prices.


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CreativeAdviser has over 25 years experience in the financial sector working with a broad range of Financial Advisers, Financial Planners, Investment firms and Wealth Management companies from around the UK.

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Financial Logos and Branding

Why financial logos matter

Financial logos may not be as famous as other icons, (thinking here of golden arches, rainbow-coloured apples and tick marks on sports apparel). But they remain as vital in finance as anywhere else.

A black horse cantering across a field is identifiable with Lloyds Banking; just as red-and-white geometry tells you we are dealing with HSBC and a red triangle proclaims Nat West. All these logos give a public identity to financial firms, lodging their owners in the minds of target customers.

Giving yourself an identity

A logo forms the visual identity of all firms, including financial ones. A logo might sound intangible, yet without logos, how would we distinguish between different brands? Without a well-designed logo, how would we remember the company that offers the best mortgage rates? Or the one that sorted out a good loan for us years back? Financial logos prevent firms being amorphous and forgettable in the public’s mind. They personalise firms and make us warm towards them.

Logos shape how the public feels about your business. Never under-estimate the power of logos. Just look at a BMW logo to appreciate the strength of its message (power, wealth, prestige) to actual and potential customers. Three tiny letters above a blue and white circle. Yet those letters deliver a promise to the customer of so much more.

Boosting confidence

Getting the right logo for your firm is vital. A logo forms the basis for how people judge you. A logo is the most visible sign of any corporate (small or large) to its target market. A well-designed logo is an essential part of your company’s overall marketing strategy. People will probably remember your logo long after they have forgotten (sorry about this) the contents of any mass mail-out you may have sent them. The next time they spot that same logo, they may subliminally remember that you have already made the effort to contact them.

Do you want to project a cost-efficient, cheerful image to the public? Choosing a logo that projects those friendly and affordable qualities will be an important part of your marketing. Not for nothing do the budget holiday companies incorporate suns into their logos. They want you to associate them with the pleasure of sunshine, chillaxing on a hot beach, away from the stresses of work. We can help you by designing the logo that’s right for your firm. Working with you, we will generate the right associations in your public’s minds.

Projecting the right image

Are you serving an exclusive niche market? Discretion, long-standing and subtlety must be conveyed through your logo. You might want your logo to convey longevity, tradition and good taste. Or then again, perhaps your services revolve around flexibility or comparisons. We can design the symbol that best reflects your business and projects the right image. No matter what kind of business you run, you will naturally expect your logo to tell people that you are efficient, honest and professional.

Professionally designed financial logos

Whatever your needs, we can design a new financial logo for you that will act as the “face” of your company, drawing on our skills to convey messages subliminally. After we create this corporate image you then have a shorthand way of referring to your company in advertising and marketing materials. A company’s logo echoes the fonts, colours and design choices used elsewhere in your business marketing materials, reminding customers why they have chosen to do business with you. A logo really is a business asset, just as much as your staff or other operations. It makes sense to treat its design just as seriously as any other part of your business.

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