Paradigm Norton

Office signage and financial branding for Paradigm Norton Business cards. PN financial branding Interior office design, PN financial branding work Paradigm Norton financial branding, office interior

About This Project

Paradigm Norton is a successful and growing financial planning service with an ever-expanding portfolio of UK-based businesses, charities and private clients. CreativeAdviser was approached to raise the profiles of their advisers through a new website and enhanced company brand.

It was important for the brand to strike the difficult balance of communicating a sense of established authority with a sense of approachability. The former was achieved by incorporating hand-crafted images of world maps and old etchings of Lords cricket ground. The latter latter was accomplished through personalised, testimonial videos of Paradigm’s clients, as well as customised wallpaper for their meeting rooms – each representing different stories and values.

This branding approach, in turn, informed the construction and design on the website, which used large, high-quality images of Paradigm’s staff, as well as written client testimonials; therefore reinforcing the personal, approachable feel.

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