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80-90% of global internet consumer traffic is predicted to become video traffic by 2017. As such, a company video is a great way for your business to attract and engage prospects; both now and for years to come.

CreativeAdviser offers a range of video solutions to financial firms; from simple walk-through introductions to your company, product or service, to more detailed videos promoting an individual product, service or event.

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Case studies

Paradigm Norton Plan4

In developing the Plan4 brand it became clear very quickly that the message of encouraging young employees to think about their long-term financial requirements would be a difficult subject to get across.

The primary relationship is between Plan4 advisers and those running the company, which is handled in a more personal and direct way. These films were designed to provide communication material that talks directly to the employees who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the service.

Taking a song idea that was written by Richard from Paradigm Norton, we devised a friendly and approachable character, the ‘Plan Man’, who along with his ‘sister’, would become the ambassadors for communicating Plan4’s message.

The use of entirely hand-drawn animation created a lively and fun look to the videos, whilst also underlining the personal and hands on nature of the Plan4 brand.

The first video we created for Plan4 aimed to outline and explain auto-enrolment in a quick and simple way, using a fusion of traditional ‘talking head’ film and the simple hand-drawn animation.

The second video cleverly uses only the hand-drawn animation and a backing track written and produced specifically for the video, to tell the story of why Plan4 auto enrolment is so important.

Paradigm Norton Service Videos

In analysing the specific strengths of Paradigm Norton, we realised that the people were much more significant than the processes. The brand is all about a committed team of professionals with whom a client would develop a relationship, as opposed to just buying product.

CreativeAdviser devised a series of films that allowed the advisers themselves to communicate the messages. The videos focus on the personality and approachability of the people behind the brand, thus breaking down potential barriers to building a client relationship and evoking trust in an industry that is highly confidential and a very personal experience for the client.

Paradigm Norton are very proud of the fact that they have long and lasting relationships with many of their clients, even across generations where they now advise the children of previous clients. This underpins the strapline we created for the brand of ‘For Life’.

Paradigm Norton Life Series

In setting out to communicate some of the unique qualities of the Paradigm Norton brand, we took a close look at the relationship they have with their clients. Our goal became to focus on and celebrate Paradigm Norton’s desire to consistently focus their entire work on the life of their clients, making it into a service rather than a selling of a product.

We created a series of ‘life films’ for Paradigm Norton, designed to communicate the strong alignment they have with their clients, each film celebrates a passion that is held by a client. The series wasn’t created as a typical marketing video that would just sell Paradigm Norton’s services, but rather to celebrate the diversity and creativity of their client’s lives.

#1 Bridget McCrum

In the first of the ‘life films’ series, Bridget McCrum talks of her passion for sculpture and travel.

A retrospective of Bridget McCrum’s work will be shown at a well-respected London gallery. The gallery’s curator has decided to use Bridget’s ‘life film’ on the opening night, a testament to the artistic style of the video and the non-obtrusive marketing style, which gives it a much wider remit than it otherwise would have had. The film will be shown to a room full of High Net Worth Individuals, all potential clients for Paradigm Norton.

#2 Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones, composer, bass player and accomplished musician shares his love and passion for life, music, family and his journey with Led Zeppelin and more recently Goldfrapp.


PerformIT, an IT services company that provides IT Support & Forensic eDiscovery service, approached us with a brief to help them communicate the brand’s offering to a specific target audience.

After storyboarding and scripting, we created original music, graphics and filmed a series of interviews to compile a compelling and concise piece of film. Client testimonials were used throughout the video to establish PerformIT as a credible, trustworthy choice.

“PerformIT worked with CreativeAdviser to develop a corporate video. Their creativity helped us visually explain a complex service in a simple and attractive way. A very talented group of guys that I am happy to recommend.
Sean Norris, Director PerformIT Ltd.”


Worthstone were still in the early stages of starting up when they came to CreativeAdviser. They needed a high impact way of communicating a relatively complex new area in the simplest way possible.

We created a very simple, cost-effective video to promote the very specific and innovative work of Worthstone, who help to bring social impact investment to maturity among Independent Financial Advisers.

The video consists of a blend of talking head interview and simple graphics to communicate the story effectively. Original music was then overlaid to create an engaging piece of communication.

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Financial Video Production

Financial institutions are increasingly turning to video and animation as a powerful way of capturing the attention of potential new clients and engaging and communicating with existing clients.

We have the expertise and experience to deliver clever and engaging financial videos. Whether you’re interested in ‘talking head’ interviews, complex animation with voice over, hand drawn or motion graphics; or simply a straightforward piece to camera.

Videos can be a highly effective way of communicating to an audience and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Explaining a product simply and succinctly
  • Producing interviews for topical discussion or promotional purposes
  • Resources for events, exhibitions and conferences
  • Material for staff training and development
  • For use on your website or as part of a social media campaign

We have extensive experience in video production for the financial industry so not only do we understand the ins and outs of video marketing, we also recognise the unique facets of your industry.

Are you looking for a way to stand out from your competition? As a financial services company you need to convey trust and professionalism the moment a potential client lands on your site. Investing in a properly produced video can do that.

We can offer bespoke or template financial videos depending on your requirements and budget. Our bespoke service includes full pre and post-production services, including creative story boarding, filming and editing. With the amount of time, skilled personnel and equipment that can be involved we understand that sometimes a bespoke video can be too costly so we also offer a range of off-the-shelf financial videos, enabling your firm to have your own video content at an affordable price.

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