BrookVale Capital

BrookVale Capital financial website and logo Brookvale capital financial website design

About This Project

BrookVale is an emerging firm focussing on the development and implementation of systematic trading strategies for European clients. CreativeAdviser were asked to design their website and company logo in order to enhance BrookVale’s marketability and credibility.

The logo icon subtly integrated the image of a mountain into a graph-like structure; thus visually-synthesising the tranquil, pure connotations of a vale with the financial theme and specialisation of the company.

The website gave BrookVale a professional, responsive online presence with attractive imagery and functionality; including a powerful navigation bar to enhance the user experience. We also optimised BrookVale’s website as an ROI-generating machine; e.g. through integrating a custom contact form for engaging potential new clients.

Logo & Branding, Website Design