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About This Project

Shoremount facilitate the generation of sustainable, purposeful wealth for a variety of industries, including real estate and consultancy; in a manner which is beneficial to shareholders and stakeholders.

We worked closely with Shoremount to create a stunning new brand, logo, video and content-rich website featuring relevant news and blogs.

We adopted Stanislavsky’s concept of the “through line” when approaching the company brand design; which proposes that, in order to understand and communicate the objectives of your subject, it is vital to grasp the common “thread” linking all of their objectives together.

The “thread”, in Shoremount’s case, was about maximising the “bottom line,” in multiple senses – including financial, environmental, ethical and social. This informed the video production, where we chose to feature a line animation to visually-represent this idea.

The line concept was also included in the logo design, which also served to portray a landscape representing financial, environmental, social and ethical opportunity.

Graphic Design, Logo & Branding, Website Design